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SecureCOMM is a leading telecommunications provider offering business customers local and long distance telephone services, hosted telephone services, high-speed internet connections, network and desktop management and security, and other enhanced features.
SecureCOMM Customer Site PBX and IP PBX SecureCOMM Business Voice Service SecureCOMM Hosted Voice Service SecureCOMM Secure Networking
SecureCOMM offers the very best Customer Premise PBX and IP PBX in the market.  Avaya, 3Com, Cisco, and others.  We look at your business specific requirements, we recommend the best match, and then do full demonstrations at your site.  

A critical part of SecureCOMM PBX Systems are our Proprietary Disaster Recovery Options.

Business Voice Services are bundled packages that offer the most flexible, comprehensive, and cost effective voice calling in the Nation for businesses that make LD calls in your state, across the nation, or have all inbound calling.

A critical part of SecureCOMM Voice Services are our Proprietary Disaster Recovery Options.

Hosted Voice Services allow small, medium, or large business to get rid of their customer premises PBX and have full featured hosted voice services that can meet the needs of any industry or location, and allow for the flexibility of multiple or remote locations, and road warriors, etc…

A critical part of SecureCOMM Hosted Voice Services are our Proprietary Disaster Recovery Options.

SecureCOMM offers two managed services for keeping your business secure and running smoothly. LAN management and monitoring, and Internet management and monitoring.  Together they close the loop on your data and communications security.  

A critical part of SecureCOMM Network Services are our Proprietary Disaster Recovery Options.

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"SecureCOMM is an excellent IP Voice and Data Networking Vendor.  They focus specifically on VoIP Networks and Date IP Networks and Security Solutions. Their competency is always at least as good as the vendor’s Instructors and System Engineers.  I am happy they are there to back me up with support and spare parts.  I highly recommend SecureCOMM for IP Voice and Data Networking products and support."  
- Steve Custer, IT Network Manager, Hillsborough County School District

"We were in need of a communications solution that would support our growing organization. We not only had outgrown our existing system and building, but we were needing to seamlessly connect the new sites together. How were we going to maintain one presence with several buildings scattered around town? That's when SecureCOMM designed a system that allowed all calls to enter and leave our main site as though everyone was local to that building. As an experienced data person I was truly amazed at the way the system worked to perfection, was remotely manageable, and gave us exactly what we needed to continue a dispersed growth model that we need. In addition, the support that we received from Security Advisors was second to none. Even when we had issues with our pre-existing systems, SecureCOMM was there anytime night or day to help diagnose and fix the problem, even though it wasn't even part of their design.  We have expanded the systems capability over the last 7 years, adding call recording, more advanced agent call distribution, and many other features, and SecureCOMM has met every challenge." 
- Scott Marvin, Director of IT, Response Mail Express, Florida

"We would be willing to recommend SecureCOMM to any business interested in quality, value, and security… We value the excellent customer service and look forward to continuing our long standing relationship with your company."
- Polk Community College, FL

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